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Address Book

Access Control (Access)

Security is more important than ever today. Access control is the checkpoint for your guests, visitors, and employees.

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Cleaning Monitoring (Monitoring)

The VNS Monitoring Module is designed to present the vessels cleaning parameters. This module provides you with the opportunity to monitor the cleaning your vessel from the office, home, and or ship.

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Casino Operations (Casino)

Managing your casino is time intensive, especially in an industry where personnel management and customer service are so critical

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Digital Signage (Signs)

Keep guest informed with dynamic information that changes continuously to match the requirements of your guests.

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Excursion Management (Shorex)

Our Shore Excursion modules help our clients and their customers manage the reservations, transportation, and costs while on land or at sea as a multiple or single user solution.

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Group Sales (Groups)

Gives you the ability to track multiple groups (past or present) allowing you improve the groups experience in a more efficient manner.

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Guest Management Systems (Guest)

Taking care of the guest is your most important task. In fact, it’s your reason for being. Handling guest information efficiently leaves you time to provide more quality guest services.

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Human Resources (Staffing)

You can’t run your property without the right crew. Vessel- Net’s MAP Ustaff module manages your entire crew while at sea or at port.

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Health Tracking (Health)

This module provides a way to streamline the process so our clients can focus on running their company and reduce the cost of possible compliance fees.

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Liquor Manager

Reduce your bottleneck at the gangway. Easy to use hand held inventory system that allows you to scan and print a label instantly.

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Inventory (Check List)

This module is a comprehensive inventory management solution for all aspects of your operation, and automatically allocates parts for planned preventive maintenance.

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Marine Logs (Logs)

By interfacing your marine logs to the MAP Marine Administration and Planning module, critical tasks that used to be difficult and time-consuming are automatically scheduled.

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Player Tracking (Players)

Comprehensive, accurate and timely player data can give a casino marketing advantages by helping to develop better customer reward programs.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Taking care of business is the bottom line. Efficient cash management allows you more time with your customer. Time to generate that next sale.

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Procurement Management System (Procurement)

You work hard to earn your money, so why not make sure you are spending it wisely? The VNS Procurement Module manages your entire procurement operation centrally and efficiently.

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Reservations System (Rez)

Our reservations Module allows the guests to complete online bookings, including cabin selection, shore excursions, and vessel activities all from the convenience of the home.

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Risk Management (Risks)

Whether on land or at sea, risk comes with any company. The VNS Risk Module provides a structured approach to manage any possible uncertainty.

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Scheduling (Schedule)

One of the biggest challenges of every industry is managing staff. It’s not easy to optimally schedule the staff with the right skills to be in the right place at the right time.

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Ticketing (Tickets)

Our ticketing module integrates with the MAP Solution allowing total visibility into and tracking of guest activity including ticketing, POS, casino play, guest information, and shore excursions.

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Time Control (Time Keeper)

VNS Time Keeper module integrates with your employee badges so your staff can swipe in, allowing you access real time data of your staff’s attendance.

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Accounting Interface (Finances)

Our financials interface works with your favorite accounting program. No matter which program you choose, we will incorporate it into our integrated solution.

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